The 3 Keys to Transformation

The Myth:

“Transformation doesn’t happen over night. It takes time.”

Whoever is telling you transformation takes long is speaking from a limited experience and belief system.

Don’t limit yourself to someone else’s experience. More importantly, don’t adopt someone else’s limiting belief system.

Transformation could be gradual or it could happen spontaneously.
Such as when you become aware of your thinking and unlock a new way of thinking and new way of responding.

Or when you feel like a kid again, reborn with a new thirst for life.

Or the moment you decide to make a shift and you take action with full trust — not leaving time for self-doubt to sneak its way in.

The Truth

Transformation does not have to take long.
It begins the moment you set a conscious intention to affect a change in your life for the better.

And take action to create change.

Believe. Achieve. Receive.

The Power of Intention

So why is setting an intention so powerful?

It gives you a sense of direction, of where you want to be. It helps get your feet unstuck from where you are, and allows you to take the next step forward in the direction you want to go.

Think possibilities. Not limitations.

Allow yourself n degrees of freedom to expand, to own your space and to realize your untapped potential.

A Rather Elusive Concept

Growth or transformation isn’t something to be sought after.
You naturally experience it as you live your life fully with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Transformation is inevitable.

Look back at your life when you were in flow or in the zone. You were firing on all cylinders. And in the end you achieved something magnificent, whether alone or with a team.

In that process you discovered new skills and abilities you didn’t even know you had. You took on the opportunity to unlock those abilities and in turn you experienced radical growth. Your thinking and behavior were transformed and in turn you were transformed.

3 Keys to Unlocking Transformation

Gift yourself the 3 keys to unlock your transformation

So what are some common catalysts that make transformation happen quickly and how do we tap into the untapped potential?

Let’s explore 3 core principles that serve as the foundation for quick transformation. Tip: the core lies in our consciousness — awareness of our thoughts, feelings, actions. What’s going on in that marvelous tool we have called the mind and how can we use it to our advantage.

Principle #1 Be a kid again.

add a little play each day

To grow, think like you don’t know.

Be curious. Go into an activity, an interaction like you’ve never done it before, like you know nothing on the topic or engagement. This encourages out of the box thinking as you’re not confined to that container of old opinions and convoluted wiring. This opens you up to a richer experience and.


Make mistakes like it’s [insert the year you were born]. When we made mistakes as kids, we got right back up and tried again till we got it right and till that skill became second nature (e.g. walking, talking, driving).

In those early years we didn’t call it a mistake, we called it playing & learning.

As we grew older we experienced backlash from these mistakes and each became more painful than the next. As we reflected on our own mistakes and consequences, we began to judge other people’s mistakes and magnified our own.

We then froze and chose to fall back to the comfort of inaction. We enjoyed the security of playing it safe so we wouldn’t have to endure any embarrassment or shame.

Change the language from mistake to learning and progress and growth.

Principle #2 Trust Yourself. Know Your Worth.

Many people talk about loving yourself, but just as important is learning to trust yourself again.

Start from a place of knowing that you are already whole and complete.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

There’s not a piece of you that’s missing.

There’s not a gap to fill.

There’s just qualities and potential in you that may not be expressed yet. As you live fully and do more, the opportunities organically present themselves.

And through the doing, you begin to embody those qualities and meet that potential.

Leverage your strengths.

If there’s something you wish to improve on, then do to improve. Wanna be more confident? Then do more to gain the confidence. Don’t just read about, put what you read into practice.

Easier said then done right? this brings us to principle #3.

Principle #3 Think less. Do more.

We can sometimes take the “think before you act” advice too far.

We can talk ourselves out of pretty much anything when we try to predict how a pursuit or experience would turn out.

What we need to do is minimize that time gap between ideation and execution. Otherwise self-doubt loves to fill that gap.

For accelerated growth and transformation, take action. Do what you gotta do.

Instead of running through 100 ways of how it could fail, move forward with that next step you need to take.

Take action to do that thing you’ve been wanting to do, to learn that thing you’ve been wanting to learn.


Transformation can happen in an instant if you are open to it and allow it to happen.

It begins with an empty slate, changing your language and how you see yourself.

#1 Be a kid again. Play and learn without expectations. Unlearn what you think you know to learn what you don’t know. ;)

#2 Trust your knowledge, your experience, your decisions, your actions. You’ve come this far. Know that you are whole and you are where you need to be at this point in time. Trust that you have all the answers when you ask yourself the right questions.

#3 After deciding what you need to do next to achieve a goal or improve a situation, take that next step. Instead of running through scenarios where it might not work, imagine the scenarios when it would and where it could take you next.

Your Turn

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do or try? Or is there a quality you wish to embody?

  • What’s the next step?
  • Where in your schedule can you fit it in?

That’s it — think less to achieve more! Overthinking less also saves that energy for when you actually engage in the activity. The creative fruitful thinking happens there.

And in the doing — in taking action and in trusting ourselves we gain & grow beyond what we could ever try to predict or imagine.




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Kelly YogiShorts

Kelly YogiShorts

🌻 I love to inspire & to be inspired. Follow Medium for unlimited inspiration: 🤓😎

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